Kiritani Kenta x Ayano Gou x Soratobu Kouhoushitsu

Some cute trivia from the series official shooting reports and Kiritani’s blog.

  • Ayano couldn’t keep a laugh in during rehearsal of scene in which Sorai shakes hands with ‘the famous Kiri’ (two actors know each other for a long time). But during the filming he managed to keep a straight face.
  • Until the very last minute Kiritani couldn’t believe his luck but he actually got to ride a jet with the Blue Impulse aerobatic team (He is the second show-biz person to do it). His comment after the flight: “Now I get that the Earth is indeed round”.
  • Ayano was very nervous waiting for Kiritani to get back and hugged him right after he came down the trap ♥
  • After the end of the shooting the crew presented Kiritani all the posters of fictional tv series Houdoukisha, Hashiru! (the character he played - a famous actor Kiri - was a star of that series). They made quite a lot of posters to paste them all over the (again, fictional) Toudou TV building. Kiritani commented that despite of the fact that he actually appeared only in two episodes, thanks to the posters it felt like he’s always been there.
  • Kiritani about the scene in which Kiri came out of his car and girls of the Japan Air Self-Defense Force went crazy: “No matter how many times I do it I can’t stop smiling”
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